Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Want to get rid of stubborn Stains from you expensive Clothes?

When you get a stain on any of your expensive dress or clothes, it’s the most painful feeling. There are few stains that are stubborn and don’t get cleaned despite washing several times.  

The stains caused by spilling of coffee, Mustard, ketchup, beer, Red wine, chocolate, permanent marker, Ice-cream, grass, etc. are the most common and they are most stubborn too. If any of your expensive clothes and dresses finds such stains, call Dry Cleaners Point- the leading Dry Cleaners in Dwarka to get your clothes get the stain removed after efficient dry or wet cleaning of the same accordingly.

Drycleaners Point is the one of the oldest and most reputed Dry Cleaning Services in Janak Puri and adjacent locations of West Delhi. It provides laundry or dry-cleaning services, along with multiple facilities, i.e. pickup and drop of clothes from house, online order, affordable price, etc.

It’s also the most popular dry cleaning service in Uttam Nagar, as a huge number of people from this location use the services of Drycleaners Point. It makes it the best dry cleaning service in Vikas Puri and surrounding area.

Hence, if you are residing at West Delhi location and looking for a reliable, prompt and most efficient Dry Cleaning Service, just call Dry Cleaners Point or order the pickup of your clothes online itself.